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Is to provide Good tools, Good services, Good outreach and Good connections to our community.. for the support of joy-filled, healthy, wellness to you and yours!

Educational Gatherings 


It is our experience, that gathering in small groups, to learn with loving, kind people, encourages blessings into entire communities.

On our 'Programs' page, you will discover what we are currently* providing at our earthly, wellness facility!  We are diverse, so..

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Old Study
the Earthly Facility


An invitation to like minded, holistic professionals, Christian leaders, families and friends, who may have an interest in reserving space on our earthly facility to lead workshops, seminars, counseling or other healthy wellness activities.. feel free to,


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Young Fun
Outreach Connections


Begin with a holy, humble church, work with caring Christian Professionals in healing gifts of wholeness (Body, Mind & Soul), consume good foods, surround your self with good friends, good family and good community.  We feel blessed, share your need..

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Our Warmest Regards of Gratitude to you and yours for visiting us and ours!  It is a pleasure to be of good service, ~ Suzanne & Dwight

God Bless +

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​​​​*Young Living Essential Oils are available for purchase by special order, on your request!

* Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas are available for purchase by special order, on your request!



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