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I became certified in personal fitness in 2003, by the International Sports Science Association. I furthered my education into raw food nutrition, family and nutritional herbalism and essential oil therapy.  I am also CPR certified. With a passionate desire to serve the needs of others, I am always learning and continue taking new courses in wellness.

Why Diversity Wellness? I have truly 'been there, done that' in my life experiences!  Sincerely, I have an understanding of the diverse journey to becoming healthy, happy and well. It is my wish to share a difference in wellness outside of gyms, where people may commune, connect, and discover JOY in friendships while experiencing new ways of wellness. 

Onsite at the Historic Allis Ranch

1469 Noe Road, Larkspur, CO 80118

United States of America

JOY in Wellness to You!

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