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We are Christians, believers in & followers of..

Jesus Christ + 


We are holistic in wellness.  We are your local Wellness Professional on a vocational calling, to work with God's great earth and His beautiful creations. We care about assisting you and yours and doing so, in a way that is pleasing to God.  In addition to our personal and professional life experiences, we are certified in CPR, Fitness, Holistic Wellness, Whole Food Raw Nutrition, Family & Nutritional Herbalism, and the History and use of Essential Oils.  

Why Diversity Wellness?


Because, we have 'been there, done that' in our life experiences!  So, truly, we have sincere

empathy and understanding, with the diverse journey to becoming healthy, happy and well. So, it is our hope to share a difference in wellness, outside of gyms, meal planning and dieting; where folks may gather, share, learn and discover joy in friendships and trying new things.


We work with everyone kindly, with upmost dignity, courtesy and respect. This is your joyful journey, and we are gratefully honored to be of service & assistance to you!


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Our Warmest Regards of Gratitude to you and yours for visiting us and ours!  It is a pleasure to be of good service, ~ Suzanne & Dwight

God Bless +

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​​​​*Young Living Essential Oils are available for purchase by special order, on your request!

* Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas are available for purchase by special order, on your request!



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